If you don't have access to Māori language speakers and aren't a native speaker there are still lots of things that you can do to increase the amount of reo in your home.

  • Listen to Māori radio or watch Māori language programmes with your child. Even if it is just being played in the background. This lets you and your child get accustomed to the language and its sound

  • Don't forget local libraries are full of stuff. Go and check them out

  • There are a great number of groups producing Māori language resources and activities. Check out our links pages for more information

  • Find a group which uses reo Māori in your community, it may be a kōhanga playgroup, or a kapa rōpū and there are even some sports teams committed to the language. Go out and get involved with them to increase the number of people around you who can support your language growth