What is the Papakāika Reo Fund?

The Papakāika Reo fund is a Kotahi Mano Kāika (KMK) initiative which supports Papatipu Rūnaka to develop te reo pathways within their Papakāika community.   

The Papakāika Reo fund provides targeted financial assistance to be used towards the te reo development of  registered Ngāi Tahu members.  All applicants need to complete a te reo plan demonstrating both short and long term commitment towards achieving their personal language goals.

How much is available?

Applicants can apply for up to $15,000. However, less may be awarded subject to the number of suitable applicants for each deadline.

Who can apply?

All Kāi Tahu Papatipu Rūnaka based within the Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu rohe.However the fund will give preference to Papatipu Rūnaka who have set a language plan focused on the development, proficiency and intergenerational transmission of te reo.

Types of activities that will not be funded:

  • Capital works including laptops, cell phones, Ipads

  • Retrospective funding

  • Koha

  • Types of activities that will be funded

  • Te Reo Māori Course fees

  • Immersion programmes such as Immersion Teaching training.

  • Kura Reo registration and travel costs only

  • Costs associated with hosting wānaka reo

  • Travel / accommodation costs associated with attending te reo events / wānaka

  • Kura Reo Kāi Tahu registration costs transport and travel.

  • Conference costs (including travel) for conferences relevant to language revitalization, transmission and/or inter-generational transmission

Funding Rounds

There are 3 funding rounds each year for all KMK funds.  These dates will fall on the last Friday of each of the following months: February, June, October. The dates for 2019/20 funding year are as follows:

  • 18 Oct 2019

  • 14 Feb 2020

  • 12 June 2020

Application forms must be received by the KMK Staff by 5pm on each of these dates.

Application Decision Process

  • Applications are sent to the KMK Language Advisor.

  • All applications will be considered by the KMK Funding Committee. Written notification of the decision of the KMK funding Committee will be provided to the applicant within 20 working days after the funding round closes.

  • The decision of the KMK Funding Committee is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Need help?

If you have any questions or require further information – please contact:
Victoria Campbell, KMK Advisor

Apply Here

Full Name
Full Name
of person applying for funds on behalf of the Papatipu Rūnaka:
(Person who will be responsible for reporting)
Key people involved with the project
(Please specify the Papakāika goals, aims and objectives for improving and developing te reo Māori. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary)
Short Term 12 Month Goals
Long Term 5 Year Goals
Papakāika Study / Programme Details
Information about any proposed Papakāika Reo Fund study programme details
(name & contact details)
How much are you applying for?
Please provide a budget for Papakāika Reo Fund
Please provide source and budget for other funding
Bank Details
Please enter the account details any payment would be deposited into:
The following declaration must be made by people aged 18 years or over.
1. I will not expend funds for any purpose other than those approved by the KMK Fund Committee unless written approval for a change of purpose is obtained in advance.
2. I will demonstrate accountability for funds by fulfilling any reporting requirements, reporting on expenditure of funds as required, including providing copies of all receipts for costs outlined in the project application.
3. I will return any unused funds at the completion of the project
4. I agree to participate in any Iwi accountability meetings, displays or events, subject to reasonable notice being given.
5. I accept the KMK Fund Committee’s right to use, for publicity purposes, all material not identified as confidential by the applicant.
6. I will not transfer, or otherwise dispose of any rights, benefits, obligations or liabilities set out in this project application without the prior written consent of the KMK Fund Committee.
7. I will ensure that information relating to the expenditure of KMK Reo money will be made available for inspection if requested by the KMK Fund Committee and will allow an audit on the use of the funds should the KMK Reo Fund Committee consider it necessary.
8. I accept any decision made by the KMK Fund Committee is final and binding and accept that no reasons for such decision will be given, nor will any correspondence be entered into.
9. All information provided in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.
10. If requested I will provide further information in relation to this application.
11. We have read the above conditions of the Applicant Agreement and undertake to abide by the conditions of this agreement.
I acknowledge that the above information is true and correct *