Contestable funds have been established to increase the numbers of Kāi Tahu speakers of te reo Māori, and the number of Kāi Tahu whānau using te reo Māori as an everyday language of communication within the whānau context. KMK funds aim to help te reo acquisition, enhance regional Te Reo Māori expertise focusing on papakāika community reo development and supporting intergenerational transmission of te reo within the whānau.

Overall there are four Kotahi Mano Kāika funds:

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Papakāika Reo
Supports Papatipu Rūnaka to develop te reo pathways within their Papakāika community.
Kā Manukura o Te Reo
Supports individuals who are intermediate – advanced stages of te reo.
Kāika Reo
To support Kāi Tahu whānau groups, clusters to use te reo as a everyday language within the home.
Whānau Reo
To provide financial assistance to whānau to attend Kāi Tahu reo based events in the Kāi Tahu takiwā.

Funding Rounds

There are 3 funding rounds each year for all KMK funds.  These dates will fall on the last Friday of each of the following months: February, June, October. The next three funding rounds are:

  • June 14, 2019

  • Oct 18 , 2019

  • Feb 14 2020

Application forms must be received by the KMK Staff by 5pm on each of these dates.

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Application Decision Process

Applications are sent to the KMK Language Advisor.

All applications will be considered by the KMK Funding Committee.  Written notification of the decision of the KMK funding Committee will be provided to the applicant within 20 working days after the funding round closes.

The decision of the KMK Funding Committee is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Need help?

If you have any questions or require further information – please contact:
Darren Solomon, KMK Advisor