Kotahi Mano Kāika, Kotahi Mano Wawata (One thousand homes, One thousand aspirations) is the iwi strategy that leads the charge to reinvigorate our language within Kāi Tahu homes and communities. It is a 25 year strategy which aims to have at least 1000 Kāi Tahu households speaking te reo Māori by the year 2025.

The strategy focuses primarily on the intergenerational transmission of te reo Māori supported by an extensive range of language initiatives and resources for learners of all levels. To support this strategy, four contestable funds are available Kāi Tahu iwi members to support te reo Māori development and leadership.

A number of key goals drive the work of KMK in this area: raising the awareness of the importance of our language and the benefits of bilingualism; increasing the number of fluent speakers; supporting whānau to use te reo Māori as a communicative everyday language within the home.

To date more than 1500 whānau (4500 individuals) are registered with Kotahi Mano Kāika and committed to learning and using te reo Māori. Around 50 whānau have committed to normalising and using te reo Māori as the language of first choice in their homes with their families.

The History of KMK