KMK offer a range of events and different initiatives for individuals and whānau to develop te reo Māori. Whether you are a beginner or a competent speaker, there will be an event for you!

Check out our calendar of events to find out what’s happening near you. And remember, if you can’t get along to an event, keep up to date with what’s going on via our social media pages.

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Whether you want to brush up the basics, challenge yourself a bit more, or find some printable propaganda for your office te reo takeover,  we will have something for you.

We also have links in our resources section to other websites that offer the latest apps and e-resources to help you learn and develop your te reo Māori 

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Contestable funds have been established to increase the numbers of Kāi Tahu speakers of te reo Māori, and the number of Kāi Tahu whānau using te reo Māori as an everyday language of communication within the whānau context.

KMK funds aim to help te reo acquisition, enhance regional Te Reo Māori expertise focusing on papakāika community reo development and supporting intergenerational transmission of te reo within the whānau.