How do you know if you are getting anywhere?

As part of He Arataki there are two ways that you are able to monitor how well you are doing with your Māori language use and development.

Monitoring your effort

He Arataki provides you with templates that allow you to track your effort on a weekly basis. There are spaces which allow you to record each activity individually. This allows you the opportunity to reflect on how well you have done over the week and either give yourselves a pat on the back or a good shake up to put a bit more effort in.

Monitoring your language growth

Alongside He Arataki you are also able to access the online language assessment tool. This is a test which you can take to get an objective assessment of the level of your level of reo. It starts off basic, mainly in English and gives examples of Māori language use in everyday situations. You are given multiple-choice answers to select from. As you progress through the test, the level of te reo increases as does the difficulty of the questions. The assessment tool will cut off after a formulated number of incorrect answers and will provide you with a score out of 6. This mark will let you know what level of language you have according to your test. There are explanations for each mark which give you an indication of the sorts of things that people within that level are able to converse about in te reo. You are able to come back to the assessment tool at any time to see whether or not your language has progressed since you last took the test. Scores for your test can be saved on your Language Plan for future reference.